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ACSAH provides specialized training and certification programs to assist both managers and providers of non medical in home care services to enable them to perform their roles using industry best practices in order to provide the highest possible level of care to the senior population.

ACSAH training and certification's include the following categories:

Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA)
The dynamic, interactive CHHA Training and Certification Program provide hours of high-quality training in essential caregiving, communication and professional skills.

With a thoroughly researched, well-organized curriculum, workpapers, DVDs and other support materials, the CHHA Training Program is a complete ready-to-go package that makes it easy to train critically-needed personal and home care workers in all the skills they need.

The program is written at a 5th-grade literacy level. Designed according to principles of adult learning theory, the program utilizes a variety of learning modalities to maximize students' understanding and retention of material.

The curriculum includes modules on:

•    Roles and responsibilities of a personal care attendant
•    Caring for the elderly and disabled
•    Communication skills
•    Moving and positioning someone in bed and in/out a wheel chair
•    Active range of motion exercises
•    How to recognize and prevent pressure ulcers
•    Proper body mechanics for the caregiver and care recipient
•    Infection control and bloodborne pathogens
•    Personal care (grooming, hygiene, etc)
•    Tub baths and showers
•    Vital signs
•    Assisting with medications
•    Safe wheelchair use
•    Nutrition
•    Reducing personal stress
•    Fall prevention
•    Fire safety
•    Elder abuse and neglect
•    Cultural competency
•    Vital Signs
•    Specific diseases, including: early to mid and mid to late stage Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke and aphasia, depression, Parkinson's, ALS, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury

Certified Senior Care Manager (CSCM™)
The Certified Senior Care Manager (CSCM™) Training and Certification Program offers all of the above noted CHHA training in addition to the following categories directed specifically at managing and operating a non medical home care agency:

•    Home Care Policies and Procedures/Legal Documentation
•    Hiring Caregivers
•    Human Resources
•    Marketing and Business Development
•    Staffing and Caregiver Placement at Client Home
•    Client Intake and Assessments
•    Client Service and Maintenance - Focus on Quality Care Outcomes
•    Billing/Accounts Receivable
•    Payroll and Quickbooks
•    Technology Support and Website Editing
•    Insurance Policies
•    Veterans Aid Benefit Consultant
•    Medicaid Billing

Percentage of care providers who said their CSCM™ certification helped their profession:

Our Certifications

Certified Senior Care Manager (CSCM™)

ACSAH provides comprehensive training and certification for indiviuals who manage the care of seniors (case managers) and those who manage the operations of a home care agency. ACSAH's certified training program provides all the necessary skills and knowledge needed to appropriately provide quality non-medical care to senior citizens and manage the day to day operations of running a home care agency. This is an all in one training program.


Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA)

ACSAH provides comprehensive training and certification for individuals who care for senior citizen's non medical care needs and would like formal training on how to perform specific care tasks ranging from assisting seniors with transfers from bed to wheel chair, bathing, grooming, etc.

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