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ACSAH Certified Trusted Employer®

ACSAH provides an “Excellence In Home Care® – Trusted Employer” certification to Home Care Agencies who provide evidence that they comply with important best practices in the home care industry.

Home Care Agencies must successfully provide evidence to ACSAH (on an annual basis) that they perform the following in order to maintain a current year “Excellence in Home Care – Trusted Employer” certification:

  • Fully licensed by the state to operate a home care agency
  • Having appropriate liability, non-owned auto, and workers compensation insurance in place that covers all caregivers
  • Hiring Certified Senior Care Aide’s or Certified Nurse Assistants (or assisting to become certified within 90 days of hire)
  • Registered Nurse (RN) or Certified Senior Care Manager (CSCM) supervise all caregivers
  • Appropriately screen and background check caregivers before hiring
  • Ninety percent of the agency caregivers are W-2 employees
  • Caregiver training – all caregivers must re-certify skills annually
  • All agency staff and caregivers adhere to ACSAH Code of Conduct & Ethics Standards
  • Agency completes Annual Certified Employer Compliance Validation (the date on the icon shows the agency is in compliance for the current calendar year)

DISCLAIMER: Home Care Agencies without a current year listed on their ACSAH Certified Excellence In Home Care® – Trusted Employer icon have not completed their Annual Compliance Validation and therefore ACSAH can no longer endorse them as an ACSAH “Trusted Employer.” All non ACSAH endorsed home care agencies are prohibited from displaying the “Trusted Employer” icon on their materials.