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ACSAH Founders – ACSAH was founded by healthcare professionals who have a passion for providing quality, safe, and reliable care to the vulnerable senior population and those of all ages with disabilities.

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Spot Light: Care For Seniors

  • 10,000 Americans turn 60 each day. This is one of the most profound demographic developments we have ever seen.
  • The fastest-growing age group in the U.S. today is 85 and older. These people want to remain vibrant and independent for as long as they can. CSCMs are helping them to do just that.
  • Because 77% of the nation’s wealth is controlled by seniors, it is vital to help them preserve their assets so that they don’t outlive them.
  • Life expectancy today is 77 years. Today’s seniors are happier and healthier than their predecessors and face the real prospect of living longer than most ever imagined. But living longer has special challenges all its own.

At no other time in history has there been such an urgent need for professionals to understand seniors…or for seniors to want the most informed efforts of the professionals they work with.

Regardless of your professional area of expertise, the education and support you will receive as a Certified Senior Care Manager (CSCM) or Certified Home Health Aide can enhance your service to seniors.

What Is Home Care For Seniors?
More than 7.6 million Americans receive home care, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The number is much greater when you consider that it does not include informal care which is care given by a friend or family member. Home care is generally defined as non-medical support services delivered at the home of the senior. The aim of home care is to allow seniors to remain at home longer rather than enter an assisted living community, nursing home or other type of senior care. Home care may be appropriate if a senior prefers to stay at home but needs assistance with activities of daily living.

Assistance With Activities of Daily Living – activities of daily living include bathing, dressing, and meal preparation but may also extend to assistance with transportation, paying bills, making appointments, and simply being there to provide companionship and emotional support. Home care services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can be paid for directly by the client or through a variety of public and private funding sources such as Long Term Care Insurance, Workers Compensation, and Medicaid.